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The Active Senior – Put the Frosting Back on Your Cake

75 is the new 55.

Fortunately with improved living habits and medical care, many seniors are enjoying a much more active lifestyle.  Travel and entertainment costs money and a Lifestyle Improvement Loan may be one source to pay for it.   Some of our clients are “house rich but cash flow challenged”.  They are in financial balance but weren’t able to afford some of their bucket list goals such as taking a trip to see family or just eating out occasionally.

We’ve all heard the saying that life is short.  Clients have told us that one of their biggest regrets was putting something fun off only to find later in life that they just didn’t have the energy or money for it.  One person always wanted to buy a RV to see America.   Life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about thriving.  The cash you receive from a Lifestyle Improvement Loan comes with no strings attached.  You may use the funds however you wish.   A Lifestyle Improvement Loan might be the best way to put the frosting back on the cake.

Is there something you always wished you could do for fun and just felt it was out of reach? 


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