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Investment Property, Vacation Home or New Home Purchase

With wise counsel from your trusted advisors,

purchasing that second home somewhere warm that you’ve always wanted or owning a rental property for cash flow and future appreciation is possible with a Lifestyle Improvement Loan. The key advantage being that no monthly mortgage payments are required with a Lifestyle Improvement Loan. This allows you to enjoy your home away from home or benefit from additional cash flow collected from rental income.

One other unique feature of a Lifestyle Improvement Loan is the ability to utilize one for the purchase of a new primary home.  Some of our clients have downsized or right-sized and instead of paying all cash for their purchase they used a Lifestyle Improvement Loan.  That way they were able to reinvest the profits from their sale to bolster their retirement nest egg.

Are you thinking about purchasing property as a new primary home, second home, or rental property? 


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