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Helping Family & Gifting

For many of our clients who are fortunate to have accumulated assets and are in a sound financial position,

They are no longer a consumer of goods but now desire to give it back by helping their family, charities, or religious affiliation.  A Lifestyle Improvement Loan is one vehicle that allows you to give without liquidating your invested assets.

Instead, with proper planning, a Lifestyle Improvement Loan can provide the cash to help family members such as an adult child with a financial setback or perhaps funding a grandchild’s college education is appropriate.

For our clients who are passionate about their charities or religious affiliation, a Lifestyle Improvement Loan is one way of contributing financially without impacting their monthly cash flow requirements or selling their investments.  Instead of leaving money when one passes, many prefer to contribute during their lifetime.  This gives them the opportunity to see the benefits of their donations and brings joy as they stay socially connected.

Have you been thinking about your legacy and how to give back? 


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