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Estate & Investment Planning

You’ve worked hard, saved, and invested the best you could.

Maybe you are continuing a “working retirement” lifestyle because you like your job or perhaps you need the additional cash flow.  Hopefully you’ve accumulated some assets and now are wondering if you should update your will or are curious how to protect your wealth and cover unforeseen cash needs.   When used properly, a Lifestyle Improvement Loan may be an integral part of creating and implementing an overall estate and investment plan.  Examples include utilizing trusts to protect assets from a nursing home or maximizing Social Security benefits by deferring the start date.

Wondering if it’s time to update your estate or investment plan? 

*  Note – Direct Finance USA arranges Lifestyle Improvement Loans.  We do not give advice on estate or investment planning.  We encourage you to seek professional advice from licensed or approved individuals.  We do not recommend borrowing money against your home to make financial product investments.   


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