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Access to Rainy Day Funds

There are many sayings about making plans.

A couple that come to mind are “From your lips to God’s ears” and “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making plans.”  The point being that even with the best planners and advisors sometimes we need a bit more money.    The challenge we’ve seen is many view that as a failure.  It begins to consume their thoughts and lessens their quality of life.  Needing more cash is a “state of account not a state of mind.”  It is not who you are and you don’t have to remain there.

A goal without a plan is a wish and a wish is just a dream which can lead to a nightmare.  The goal is not to need cash but to have comfort that if money is needed it will be available. Though we can’t control every outcome, a plan including a Lifestyle Improvement Loan can provide access to cash IF needed in our later chapters of life.    One incredible feature of a Lifestyle Improvement Loan is a Line of Credit that gives you access to cash.  Unlike a conventional home equity line of credit, a Lifestyle Improvement Loan’s unused portion will “grow”, guaranteed, for as long as you live in your home.

Financially sound but want to make sure you’re protected? 


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